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01 We draft your public outreach proposal, where we combine communication, public engagement and dissemination, with a communication strategy clearly defined previously.

02 The Communication strategy has two parts: face to face communication and mass media. And it rotates over three key targets: policy makers, stakeholders and the public.

03 We set up the project’s web platform, we get the communication moving. And what’s included? Mass media relations (both nationally and internationally), event coordination with key stakeholders and policy makers.

04 Anything else? Yes! Branding and graphic content creation: logo, webpage, infographics; Set up and management of regular communications: blog, magazine or newsletters.

05 And we provide you with a visual record of your research: pictures and film, we manage your social networks and, last but not least, we analyze the feedback and we modify the strategy when necessary.

06 It’s International Communication: you get everything in English and Spanish. You don’t get a translation, you get a specific service built from zero and customized by qualified native professionals.

07 At the end of the project we give you all the graphic content. It’s yours. We then analyze the strategy and we present a media dossier.

We don’t just follow a protocol. We’re creative, we find out new ways of connecting with the public, with a different approach in every strategy. We combine mass media publicity with on the ground face to face communication, and set up dialogues with stakeholders and policymakers. We organize workshops, conferences or school activities. It depends on what your’e working on. We adapt. And we always work with a strategy, in which you will be able to participate.

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